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DWatir is a bit of software distributed as a Rails plugin which provides DRb access to remote WATiR objects, potentially running on other physical (or virtual) machines running any combintation of browsers and operating systems supported by WATiR or its permutations (SafariWatir, FireWatir, etc.)

For more information, please build and view the rdoc documentation by running:

rake rdoc


From your $RAILS_APP directory, run

script/plugin install http://dwatir.rubyforge.org/svn/tags/dwatir_current

Plugin Structure

DWatir is built on Rinda and when using DWatir, first run bin/run_registry.rb once to run a registry process, and then run bin/run_server.rb one or more times (on the local machine, or on a network-connected machine) to serve up DRb-remoted WATiR browser objects. The bin/run_client.rb script serves as an example of how to use the registry to locate and use DWatir objects to remote-control browser windows.

Running each of the bin/run*rb scripts will print out a help message on which arguments are expected by the script.

Copyright: (c) 2007 by Dane G. Avilla

Version: 0.1.0

Licence: Ruby license

Thanks to the Rails community.

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